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You want to build great products but you don't have the time to attend classes

Product Academy! is a self-paced course taught by a world-class mentor Product Dave with students from companies like Facebook, Zendesk, Atlassian, Canva, and more.

Learn the skills to take charge of your products. Make better decisions and solve deep customer problems.

Learn how to craft product strategies, leading cross-functional teams, and even nail your job interviews or promotions. - we have it all!

What Makes Us Different?

Real Life Examples

You'll get real-life roadmap templates, resume examples, and actual projects so you can learn practical skills and apply them in your day job.

Bite Size Learning

Easy learning experience. Each topic can be learnt in under 1 hour in our bite-size lectures. 

Learn with other PM's

We have a community of learners in our slack group for you to hang out with, ask questions and stay motivated.

Learning Offline

We send you a summary email at the end of each topic so you have all the tools at your fingertips.

What You Will Learn


Master the Role of a Product Manager

A product manager's job is to discover product opportunities and deliver positive business outcomes across. a product lifecycle.

To do that, must be the expert on the customer, the technology and the market. You'll learn the role of a PM by:

  • Understanding what a PM does in their day to day
  • How does the Product Function look like and where do you play a part
  • How to work with every core members in your team

Know What To Do At The Right Time

We show you the end to end process to discover, deliver, and grow a product in the market. 

Showing you examples of what you need to do in each phase of the product process. 

  • You'll learn how to make quality decisions across every phase of the product lifecycle
  • We'll walk you through real-life scenarios that product managers come across in their day to day
  • We'll show you the different tools you can use to solve those challenges

Become an Influential Leader in Your Business

As a PM, you're always influencing without authority. We'll show how to put together a great Product Strategy to influence a team.

  • Demystify the misconception of Product Roadmaps (spoiler: it's just a view of your product strategy!).
  • We'll show how to learn Agile properly and lead project teams to deliver the value with tech teams
  • We'll even show you different tools and templates you can use to create a kick ass strategy so you don't have to start from scratch

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Affordable Learning For Everyone

Pricing options to match your needs

Free 14 Days then $49 Per Month

We believe in affordable learning for everyone in the world... But don't let the low price dilute your perception of quality.

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited access to Breaking into Product Management
  • Unlimited access to Getting your dream job in Product

  • Unlimited download of all real-life tools, and exercises

  • Reach out anytime on Slack to ask questions

  • Attend weekly classes on Meetup so you can ask questions in real life

  • 14 Days Free Trial to see for yourself
  • 30 Days Refunds Guarantee - no questions asked
  • Guarantee job improvement in 14 days or 100% money back

Who is Product Dave?

Hi, I'm Dave Wang. I've Taught Over 3,000 Students and Have Been a Product Manager for 15 Years

I founded Product School APAC to create a world where anyone can learn practical, modern product management at an affordable cost.

I've taught over 170+ classes at General Assembly, coached online for Harvard Innovation LabsI write about it, and I've worked as a Product Manager for startups, scale ups, and corporates.

To me, Product Management is not just a job. But a perspective that can create a positive impact in people's lives.

And I hope to share this with you so you can create products that can change the world.

Our students have received product roles from these companies:

Success Stories From Students

See examples from past students who received promotions and PM roles

Coaching Services *NEW*

(Coaching service is only limited to 10 students)

I was very lucky to have been mentored by the best Product people in the world. (Yep that's Marty Cagan!)

Coaching is my way to give back to the community.

Coaching session is $180 per session. 

  • You'll get 1-hour coaching online
  • Free Access to the self-paced course ($599 value)
  • All session are recorded for future review
  • Custom frameworks and tools on Miro to help you achieve your goals

Coaching runs on a Weekly or Fortnightly basis depending on your needs.

See Sample Coaching Plan
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"David is the definition of a true product "coach". I reached out to him without a warm introduction (before he had his school established). He was kind enough to meet on a cold winter day after work to "help me become a PM". Purely to help and share his knowledge. I've managed to pivot from sales to product off the back of his advice. He never tried to sell me anything but focus, advice and a realistic path. He's now a friend and helping me with my next phase in product."

Patrick Cho
From Sales -> Product

Become A Great Product Manager Now

One course can change everything. And this is the course that guarantees that. Take up our 14 days free trial and see for yourself. The worst case is you've learnt something for free! And if you forgot to cancel, we offer you a 30 days refund, no questions asked.


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