Learn what product managers are looking for when they ask these 20 questions

With real-life examples and tips on how to craft the perfect response for every question. I'll even show you my personal framework on how to frame each question with clarity.

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Prepare for PM Interviews the Right Way

Interviews can be nerve-racking no matter how experienced you are. I've coached and interviewed people who were completely new to product management as well as people with over 10 years of experience. The one thing that doesn't change is interviews are scary!

But there is something you can do to calm the nerves and ensure your interviews are a success. You guessed it: prepare. Preparing for product management isn't a random process. Just like building a great product, there's a systematic step by step approach to acing interviews.

After spending countless hours participating in interviews and interviewing candidates, I realised there are a few common questions that always get asked in interviews. And there is a way to prepare answers for those.

A well-prepared candidate will always leave a good impression regardless of the outcome. The industry is small and you’ll get referrals knocking on your door.

I ended up expanding our self-paced course Product-Go to include a section on resumes, interviews and case studies. Every single aspect is important but if you're preparing for interviews right now, check out our guide on the 20 most common PM interview questions where we actually provide a template on how to craft a perfect response for each one, with examples coming from my own experience in the industry.

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